Mattias Ringström
UI/UX Programmer - Aspiring Game Designer


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Knowledge Base

Web Design

I have a background in Web Design and I use my knowledge of this in my UI design and programming. This is useful for having intuitive UI that is easy to use.

UI Programmer

I feel that my biggest strength lies in the UI and UX field. What I lack in my experience as a programmer I make up for having a good grasp on design and user interaction.

Game Design

My ambition is to become a Game Designer. I have always been very passionate about games, in all forms, and I think I can bring good ideas to the table.

Examination Project

At The Game Assembly, Malmö, for 5 weeks during the second half of our second year, we got to work on an independant project of our own choosing. I chose to make a card game in Unreal Engine 4. Find out more!