Aóra is the third game I made as part of the development team Barklight. It was made in 10 weeks half time in our custom game engine Eggshell.

In Aóra I was in charge of the UI in the main menus, pause menus and settings. We used code from our previous game Spite, but I made it easier to use and added more functionalities. For example I made buttons into seperate classes instead of having repeated pieces of code, that previously was neccessary.

The main menu has the third level loaded as the background. I made a seperate type of level that loaded a level without enemies or the player and just set a camera to a position and angle. I used a free roam camera to find a spot I thought beutiful and set the menu camera to the same position and rotation.

I made the options menu sliders into their own class that will work no matter what sprites are used, as long as you change the size of the hitbox if you have decorations on the side that you do not want to include as "slidable". The slider can't be dropped accidentally by moving the cursor away from the slider, which was previously how it worked. Since our sliders were quite small this was prone to happen and didn't feel very good.

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