Spite: The Dark Blight


Spite: The Dark Blight is the second game I made as part of the development team Barklight. It was made in 10 weeks half time in our custom game engine Eggshell.

In Spite: The Dark Blight my main contributions were in developing the HUD and UI in the game, in collaboration with our Graphical Artists and Technical Artists. I wanted the UI to be responsive and easy to read, so a I took care to make sure that the hitboxes for the various parts were accurate and that they scaled correctly with different screen resolutions.

I made a Polling Station and an Event Manager to be used by our enemies for different enemy behaviours. In the end, these systems were not used as we found it unneccesary to have smarter enemies, and no one on our team was enthusiastic about working with AI.

 I implemented basic scripts used by the Level Designers to trigger environment destruction and various animations, as well as dialogue triggers to further the plot.

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