Tom Cruiser's Bounty


Tom Cruiser's Bounty is the first game I made as part of the development team Barklight. It was made in 10 weeks half time in our custom game engine Eggshell.

My main contributions in Tom Cruiser's Bounty was the heavy enemy, enemy shots and the boss.

The enemies in the game followed a spline seperate from the players spline. The heavy enemy came in and followed the players spline closely, dropping player seeking mines at a time interval. These mines dealt large amount of damage to the player and could be targeted and shot before coming to close.

The game has only one boss. It has 4 turrets that it switches between, both on a timer but also if a turret gets destroyed. 2 of the turrets fire player seeking missiles and 2 shoots regular bullets, but at a faster pace than regular enemies. The boss is very basic, but it was developed the last week of development.

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